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Taylor liked this on instagram 8/20/14 (x)

I want this song to go out in the world and not be about my critics, I want it to be about the girl who’s criticizing someone in eleventh grade because she thinks that her hair looks stupid. And that girl then goes and like cries in the bathroom because of it. These are things that we go through in every phase of our lives, starting a new job and there’s just someone who has it out for you. And I hope that maybe, you know, I had a lot of days when I would come home from school, and get in the car and my mom would try so hard to console me ‘cause someone had made fun of me or something had said something about me, or not invited me to something I was dying to go to. And she would always try to find songs that bring me out of that, and music always helped distract me from that, so I think my greatest hope is that this started out being about my life and I just want it to go out into cars, and speakers, and your phones, and become about their lives.

—Taylor on what she wants the message of ‘Shake It Off’ to be. (x)
15 Things Twentysomething Taylor Swift Fans Are Tired Of Hearing→


Haters gonna hate, I’m just gonna shake it off.

1. “Only 13-year-old girls listen to that stuff.”

And me. Bye.

2. “She’s emotional.”

Most humans are.

3. “She’s boy crazy.”


4. “She’s whiny.”

Yet you’re whining about her right meow. Weird…


Taylor’s seat at this years VMAs

We did it at the end of rehearsals, we were talking about it the night before. She was really generous and I was staying at her house (Taylor’s LA house) for a couple of months because I was doing construction of mine and we wanted to see how we can give back and we thought that would be a really fun way. And so we did it at the end of rehearsals and it was actually perfect because it was boiling hot out.

—Jamie King on doing the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge with Taylor Swift (x)
Mark Romanek on Directing Taylor Swift’s New Video ‘Shake It Off’→


Taylor Swift fans were bowled over this week when the singer debuted the music video for her new, previously unannounced single “Shake It Off,” but fans of the format were doubly surprised by who directed it: Mark Romanek, the helmer of some of the most iconic music videos ever made, including…

I feel like because I was signed to an indie label [Big Machine] and was able to make all my own creative decisions—write songs with whom I wanted to write, pick which songs ended up on the record, pick the singles, pick what I wear, what events I go to, where I perform and what I perform and how I perform—when you’re given that much freedom there’s not that much to rebel against.

Taylor Swift talking about not feeling the need to rebel (x)

@MarioLopezExtra: Always fun running into the beautiful & talented @TaylorSwift13 ! Love her.. Such a class act #ShakeItOff